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How to Protect Ourselves from Electricity at Home

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Always Turn to Electrical Contractors When it Comes to Repairs and Installation

IES Electrical recommends that you always turn to qualified electrical contractors when you need repairs or installation services. Do not attempt to do it yourself, for electricity can be quite dangerous! Here are a few tips on how to avoid incidents with electricity.

1. – Do Not Force Your Appliances!

If your circuit breakers are constantly tripping, you probable have a problem with one of your appliances. Check out what are you utilizing at the moment, and you will discover the nature of the problem. Turn off the corresponding circuit, and after that remove the appliance from the grid.

2 – Water and Electricity – a Deadly Combination

Any electrical device should stay away from exposure to water. If by accident you find yourself in a situation when water is short-circuiting one of your appliances, make sure to turn off the circuit and only after that, remove that appliance.

3. – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

These interrupters are a requirement in new construction homes these days. However, if you do not have them for your current system, you should definitely purchase some. Hire a professional company to install them, and you will be safe from electrical shocks, burns, and electrocution. These devices will shut down the power of any problematic area, which will keep the trouble away.

4. – Protect Your Children With Outlet Covers

These are exceptionally well designed protectors that will not allow your children to play with the outlets in your home. There are many variations for you to choose from.

5. – Be Careful With Cube Taps

Although these devices are seemingly very convenient, they hide a possible danger. You can easily overload your system if you increase the power demand beyond the limits it can handle. Check out the statistics of your system and those of your appliances, and you should be alright!

There are many other ways to increase the electrical security in your home. Always turn to qualified electrical contractors when you need repairs, and you will be fine! And if you are looking for one in Philadelphia, PA, turn to us, and we will offer you a professional service and good advice!

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