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Frequently Asked Questions to Our Electrical Company

The bulbs in my light fixture flicker every time I turn on the lights. Should I consider hiring a professional electrician?
Flickering light bulbs and light fixtures can be signs of different problems with your electrical system. If something does seem suspicious about the functionality of your light fixtures, make sure that you get our specialists on the job.

Something went wrong in the electrical installation in my garage. Are you capable of performing an emergency electrical service?
Absolutely. There is always a type of urgency when it comes to working with electrical systems. In fact, if the power of your residence has stopped, it is recommended that you always seek professional assistance because malfunctioning wiring can cause domestic fires.

How long will your electrical repair services take?
It always depends on the issue itself. Usually, what takes a bit more time is localizing the origin of your electrical issues. Sometimes it can be as simple as a disconnected wire, while in other cases, the entire electrical system might need replacement.

I am an avid DIY enthusiast. Why shouldn’t I just perform any electrical repairs by myself?
As many professional electrical contractors, we will give you a solid advise: under no circumstances try to perform your own electrical repair services! Working with electricity is very dangerous and can cause serious injury and even death. Unless you are a qualified electrical specialist, leave the work to IES Electrical!

I have backup power generators installed in my garage, but the last time the power in my house stopped, something happened to them, and they haven’t worked since then. Do you do generator work?
Our highly experienced and qualified Philadelphia, PA technicians will gladly take a look at your generators and make them work again.

Should I expect any hidden fees from your electrical company?
Absolutely not! The work policy of our business has always included full transparency, which means that you will know the price of every service we perform.

Do you have all the necessary safety equipment needed to perform a variety of electrical services?
As renowned professionals, located in Philadelphia, PA, our primary concern is our clients’ safety. Our company is equipped with state of the art tools and materials that have passed a variety of quality control tests, thus we are able to deliver safe procedures.

How frequently should I have my electrical system checked out?
Usually, it is recommended that you get our professionals to take a look at your system at least every six months. These days, weather has a way of surprising us, and this is why you should have a specialist check out your systems.

The wiring in my residence is twenty plus years old, but it works fine. Should I be concerned?
Although old wiring can work without malfunctioning, it is important that you hire a qualified expert to have it replaced. Even electrical wires can get worn out throughout the years, and many domestic fires are accredited to old electrical installation.

Why should I choose IES Electrical over the others?
Our primary interest is to provide you with durable and long lasting results. If you decide to work with us, you will be more than impressed with the quality of our work! We are located in Philadelphia, PA, and you can reach us at (215) 315-3393 if you have questions that were not answered above.